BitShares GUI Release 2.0.170116-rc1

There are some nice changes, and you can read the full changelog here.

However, I want to highlight my favorite one here – checkout BitShift 

I just made that name up, it’s an homage to ShapeShift, and I’ll show you why:

  1. Go to Deposit/Withdraw
  2. Select BlockTrades
  3. Example: Send 1 BTC to the highlighted Address to receive 200439 BTS

Works exactly like ShapeShift, and currently supports almost all available tokens such as bitUSD, or OPEN.STEEM, on BitShares DEX.

Download: https://github.com/bitshares/bitshares-2/releases/tag/2.0.170116-rc1

Awesome feature, this should be highlighted even better in the GUI!