BitShares – How To Earn Money with the Referral Program


One of the coolest features of BitShares 2.0 is the Referral Program.

You can affiliate with BitShares and the Network gives you a part of every user you refer.

Earn up to $80 per Referral

But first things first, here’s what you need before you can start:

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Memberships are our form of premium accounts, they

Allow you to refer people

– Give you 80% cashback on every fee you pay

– Allow you to create additional names

Currently, a Lifetime Membership costs 20000 BitShares (~$100)

Buy BitShares


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Here’s an example:

I referred bts-mytest through my Referral Link

https://openledger.io?r=fav (fav is my Lifetime Account Name)

More Examples:

As you can see, Lifetime Referrer and Affiliate is fav (me).

Means I will earn 40% of my referrals’ fees.

The registrar is openledger-reg and they charge 20% for their wallet and registration service.

BitShares Network recieves 20% of the fees. Those fees are used to so fund development for example.

Referral offers are not set in stone, and there will be many wallet providers offering various bonuses to make you market for them.


Time for Math (I know, I hate it too 🙂

My referral bts-mytest is a power trader and decides to upgrade their account to lifetime to safe on trading fees.

They pay 20000 BitShares to upgrade.

Their referrer fav (that’s me) will receive 60% – 12000 BitShares (~$60)

Fee allocation is explained in detail in your Wallet under Membership.

Please contact me if you need help or post a comment in the comment section below. Happy to connect!

  • Bitchaos

    Transfers are very straight forward on Openledger. For example, use your bitcoins to purchase a convertable token like OpenBTC, etc. I bought .4 OpenLTC and went to the withdrawal section, inputted by bter LTC wallet and within minutes it was in the account as Ltc.

  • How can I buy premium account name? How much will I pay? Thank you