BitShares – How To Proxy Vote

In BitShares 2.0 we got several positions to fill. Every position is voted by BitShares Stakeholders (you!).

Today you’ll learn about Proxies.

Keeping track of all changes and political discussions is time consuming, and for most pretty boring.

That’s why everyone is free to Proxy their Votes.
Proxy Voting means that you channel your voting power (BitSHARES in your Account) through another, trusted and informed User.


A Proxy should be transparent and you should agree with their visions.

Here’s an example of my Proxy Proposal: https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php/topic,18959.0.html


BitShares Positions that can be voted

The Janitors (Witnesses)

Witnesses are the block producers of Bitshares. They validate transactions and ensure the safety of the network. You may vote for as many witnesses as you’d like, and they will all receive the same amount of votes.


The Board (Committee Members)

Committee members may propose changes to the dynamic parameters of the blockchain, such as fees, block time and many other things. It is a position of great responsibility that requires a good understanding of how Bitshares works.


Labour Persons (Workers)

Workers are a unique concept to Bitshares. They are proposals to provide services in return for a salary from the blockchain itself. A proposal should include a link to a website or forum thread that explains the purpose of the proposal

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How To Mandate a Proxy

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1. Click “Voting” in Account View

2. Select tab “Proxy”

3. Enter the Account ID of the Proxy

4. IMPORTANT Click “Publish Changes”

Voting is very important for the future of BitShares 2.0 – if you feel you don’t have the time to follow every discussion and proposal, please consider to proxy your voting power!

Are you an active voter or did you proxy your stake? Let me know in the comment section below!