BitShares – How To Transfer

Today I’ll show you how to move your money!

There’s not one but two easy ways to move your money around

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Wait-a-minute – need an Account for this stuff! Get Started

1. Click “Transfer” in the top menu


  • Field “From” is for your BitShares Account Name. Should be there by default
  • Field “To” is for the receiver (test it with fav 😉 )
  • Field “Amount” is for the amount of the chosen currency (dropdown to the right)
  • Field “Memo” if you want to add a memo. it’s encrypted and not visible on the chain, in case you want to get dirty

3. Click “Send”

4. Enter your Password

5. Confirm

Here’s the 2nd alternative

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You can search for an Account and Click ” Pay” in their Overview.

Convenient if you have issues with copy&pasting names and don’t want to accidentally send your hard earned money to a stranger.

Did you know?

Transaction fees are set to compete with real world payment processors!
Also, a percentage of every Fee we pay goes to the development Fund – BitShares is self-sustaining!

How many Transactions did you send so far and how was your experience?
Let me know in the comment section below