BitShares Synergies

I thought about real life use-cases for BitShares, came up with a little animation… 

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This is Elysa, proud owner of her Bakery “Five Percent”.

She recently installed the new Zero Cost PoS payment system “BlockPay” (info: https://blockpay.ch) and accepts all kinds of Cryptocurrencies, including BitShares’ bitUSD.

bitUSD is a smartcoin, pegged to the value of the real US Dollar, it’s incorruptible, decentralized, and inexpensive to use.

This is Ken, he wants to buy bread.

He pays for the bread using bitUSD via his Smartcoin Android App (info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.bitsharesmunich.smartcoinswallet) at the BlockPay PoS.

Animation: 5 bitUSD exchanges for bread

Ken and Elysa are happy, because fees are cheaper for both compared to conventional Credit Cards.

After selling bread for bitUSD, Elysa then converts 50% of her bitUSD to HERO (info: http://www.sovereignhero.com/) using her OpenLedger BitShares Wallet (info: openledger.io). HERO grants her 5% APR Dividends, for free.

She then uses the other 50% of her bitUSD combined with OCASH (info: http://ocash.io/) – the All-In-One payment service – to pay bills and restock denominated in conventional fiat US Dollars.

Sponsoring/Idea/Management: fav
Voice Over: Suika
Animation: Fiverr Gig

Discord: http://smarturl.it/btsdiscord

  • Methodise

    It’s almost as if the cliche optimistic music and hand-doodle format do a disservice to the deeply powerful Bitshares functionality (but I do appreciate the initiative!)

    • fav

      you have to break it down to the easiest level though 🙂