Buy Gold-Backed Tokens on Ethereum – How-To

I reported earlier on the launch of digix, a real gold backed Token dwelling on Ethereum’s Blockchain. Here’s how to buy DGX Tokens 

1. Head over to https://app.digix.io/ & Create a Wallet (Click Images to Enlarge)





2. Head over to the Gold Marketplace https://app.digix.io/#/marketplace


3. Enter your E-Mail, select the currency (example: Bitcoin) and the Wallet (Drop Down to select your Digix generated Address)


4. Pay (obvious :D)



5. Wait around 10 Minutes, then check your Wallet https://app.digix.io/#/tokenwallet


Easy, isn’t it?

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below!

Featured Image: Pixabay

  • jonathan

    sorry very interested in digix but the ‘create address’ does nothing

    • fav

      try with a longer password… maybe that’s the issue

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  • Ilya Oleynick

    Hi! But how to convert DGX Tokens back to Ether or BTC?

    • DigixGlobal

      Hello, this feature will come as Digix integrates on Bitshares Open Ledger / EtherEx and various exchanges. Ethereum is still in early stages and these services will eventually be built out.

  • Tim Gulley

    Is this tutorial still valid? It says the website is unavailable.

    • fav

      yes and no. digix is preparing the 2.0 launch, until then, you can’t buy gold there.

      you can buy gold at http://smarturl.it/vault with eth

      • Tim Gulley

        Thank you kindly for your reply, although I’m specifically interested in DGX, and I can’t even tell what exactly Vaultoro is selling, aside from perhaps a promise that gold exists somewhere.