Buy Steam Games with SmartCoins and Save

Steam accepts Bitcoin now. Is this great? Certainly. Should you buy there? No. Learn how to buy Steam games for a (huge) discount and it gets even better: pay with your favorite SmartCoin 


  1. Open an Account at G2A (Games Discounter)

I’m going to buy a random Steam Key and pay for it with Nubits in this example


1. Select the Game (obviously)

g2a buy

Tip: choosing the best price is not always the “best”. always check for sellers’ reputation and use G2A Shield (guarantee) if you’re not sure

2. Click Green “Buy Now” Button

3. Click Blue “Go to payment” Button in your Basket

g2a buy 2

4. Select Bitcoin

g2a buy 3

5. Open Shapeshift.io in another tab & select the SmartCoin. (Example: Nubits)

g2a buy 4

Tip: Works with many other SmartCoins like Ethereum, Dogecoin, Digibytes and currently two real Stablecoins – Nubits and BitUSD

6.  Copy & Paste from the Bitcoin Invoice – Amount and insert it to Shapeshift “Specific Amount”

g2a buy 5

7. Copy & Paste from the Bitcoin Invoice – Bitcoin Address and insert it to Shapeshift “Your Payment Address”

g2a buy 6

8. Mark in Shapeshift “I agree to Terms” and click “Start”

g2a buy 7

9. Pay (Example: Nubits via Coinomi App)

g2a buy 8

10. Wait 5-10 minutes until Shapeshift is done and check back on the Bitcoin invoice

g2a buy 9

g2a buy 10

That’s it! You’ll receive your game soon!

What games do you play and how much did you save using this method? Let me know in the comment section below!