Ethereum for Starters How-To

Since there’s some hype around Ethereum, and I’m a fan, here’s a short Newbie Guide. 

First of all, there’s nothing to download or some heavy technical stuff involved!

How to start with Ethereum

The Wallet

EDIT: get https://jaxx.io/ instead!

  1. Go To https://ethereumwallet.com/
  2. Select “Create Wallet with Password”
  3. Move Mouse until your Wallet is created
  4. Set Password and Confirm
  5. Copy the URL (it’s your Backup!) – send it to yourself as E-Mail & Bookmark in your Browser. IMPORTANT
  6. Download a copy of the Wallet (2nd Backup!) – Better safe than sorry

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  1. Click to Download a copy of your wallet (see 2nd Backup)
  2. this string 0x… is your Ethereum Address. You’ll need this to buy and receive Ether
  3. Click to “Send” to – guess what – send Ether
  4. Your Transaction History. Shows Sent and received Ether

Buy Ethereum (Easy) – no Account/Sign-up needed

  1. Go To Shapeshift.io
  2. Select Deposit Coin (example: Bitcoin)
  3. Select Ethereum
  4. Enter your Ether Address (explained above)
  5. Mark “I agree to Terms”
  6. Click Start
  7. Follow the instructions

buy ethereum shapeshift

Get Free Ether – got time to waste and no money?

  1. Go To EtherFaucet
  2. Enter your Ether Address
  3. Claim a fraction of Ethereum every 10 Minutes. You’ll get paid after it reached 0.10 Ether


Buy Ethereum with EURO/Dollar

Click Here

buy ethereum coinimal












Ethereum Reddit is a great place to find information and get answers! Recommended!

Need Help? Comment below, I’m happy to connect 🙂
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  • Pat

    That was very easy.
    ETH: 0x2c42213ceabef0dc4e9d856ab84249e03d93521d
    I already won some free Ethereum right away. I figured out you can play the 10 minute and 15 minute faucets at the same time.

  • Pat

    At the EtherFaucet. If you leave/close the web sight and come back at a latter date, is your balance still there? Is the “Your lucky number” something you need to save, or just for show? I read the FAQ and didn’t find anything about this.

    • fav

      Yes, you only need your ethereum address to login. Cash out is at 0.1 ether, you have to click on the cash out button 🙂

  • michelle ogena

    hi i already reached 0.1 ether but my cashout is still pending. Why?

    • fav

      You mean at the faucet? As far as I know they payout manually. So could take some time

  • Bittylicious

    Or just buy Ether straight from fiat using a site like Bittylicious. For newbies, there’s no need to complicate matters by buying Bitcoin first.

  • Rohman syah

    Your Ether Address

    0xca11f7a661fbf25b994ae23f67b9f84bc4ff155f stiil 0.00 eth

    • fav

      good job! 🙂

  • Aselwyn1


    • fav

      you’re welcome 🙂

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    • fav

      thank you 🙂

  • Heriansyah

    wallet eth address >>0x86f9dd54eeca39d3db2da6fdb752d6bafa60c5fb

  • Heriansyah

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