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Ethereum released their long awaited Homestead version, here’s a short Mist Client overview  

Download: Wallet 0.5.1 (Beta 9 or latest)

Ethereum Homestead Mist Client

Syncing can take some time, so kick back, relax and grab yourself a beverage

ethereum mist homestead overview 2


This is the most important feature, make sure to backup your keystore folder!

ethereum mist homestead overview

This is the Wallet overview.

  1. your Ethereum Accounts. you need at least one to receive Ethereum.
  2. Wallet Contracts. Think of them as subaccounts
    Tip (from Wallet): Most exchanges don’t support receiving ether from a contract wallet yet. Be sure to move the money to an account address first!
  3. Latest Transactions – only subaccount Transactions are shown currently. (don’t ask me why – Explanation Here)

ethereum mist homestead overview 3

This is the Contracts Overview.

You can create your own Token, and follow other custom Tokens by clicking “Watch Contract”.

You need the Contract Address and the Interface in order to follow a Token.

Test it!

  1. Click “Watch Token”
  2. Token Contract Address: 0x87148e1E98a69adf4A4fB27344baF9c08D533442

Comment with your Ethereum Address if you want some favs.pw Tokens!

That’s it for the short overview, make sure to test around. try to send Ethereum, and play around with Tokens 🙂

  • Phoenixxx

    ETH: 0x4e14452d6812299c4419f78fd3eb2b476d035a06

  • Blok Zinciri

    Great post fav, I couldnt make the contract-watch work though, I keep getting the interface error . Eth 0x3553C669CE11e4d64874CbaEcD3cd9ddF448DBDb

    • fav

      Strange, works for me… Yeah, you just copy the code to the interface box

      • Blok Zinciri

        I must be doing something different, same thing happened to me with all I tried to watch, says : couldnt parse json interface

        • fav

          Could you post a Screenshot of your setup?

          • Blok Zinciri

            Hi fav, here

          • Blok Zinciri

            when click ok

          • fav

            Copy again please

          • Blok Zinciri

            same result, cant parse json…

          • Blok Zinciri

            Am I the only one trying this? knowing that could help.

          • Blok Zinciri

            Any luck fav?

          • fav

            http://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/49jpub/_/ ask there too.

            I’ll try again once I’m at a pc 🙂

          • fav

            Try without json 🙂

    • fav

      sent! 🙂

    • fav

      also, my bad. it’s watch token, not watch contract. sorry for the confusion!

  • Greg Moon

    Hi! Can you send some tokens to: 0xF151D9a172f513E38Fa2B060713a01859eD9ADF0 I am watching the token. Thanks!

    • fav

      sent 🙂

      • Greg Moon

        Received thanks! 🙂