How To BitShares: Hijack Bitcoin Faucets and Services

Did you ever use a Bitcoin Faucet or other Bitcoin earners and thought: “why BitShares/Ethereum/NXT can’t have nice things?” Think no further…

Here’s an easy Set’n’Forget solution on how to instantly convert Bitcoin Earnings to BitShares, Ethereum, or NXT with a one time setup and a reusable single Bitcoin Address!

Some Examples for this method:


Alright, how to do it?

► Get a Bitcoin Address for refunds: CoinbaseBlockchain.infoBlock.io
(don’t worry, this is only needed as a backup in case anything goes wrong!)
► Get a BitShares ID and register your Name: wallet.bitshares.org 
(use this until BitShares 2.0 is released)
► Go To Metaexchange BTS (ETH | NXT)
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Enter your refund Bitcoin-Address and your BitShares Account ID and click Submit
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Deposit Here is your instant Bitcoin to BitShares Address now! Use this address with any Bitcoin Service to instantly receive BitShares!
It’s that easy!
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