How To: Browse SAFE Net Sites

… with minimum effort.

SAFE Net is the decentralized internet approach by Maidsafe 

With the release of Beaker, the browser solely made for SAFE Browsing, visiting SAFE sites is a no-brainer.



  1. Download Beaker – https://github.com/joshuef/beaker/releases
  2. Download SAFE Launcher – https://www.maidsafe.net/safe_launcher_downloading.html#launcher?download
  3. Run both.

That’s it.

No, really, that’s it. You do not need to create an account, SAFE Net launcher is only needed to enable the gateway.

Now go ahead and test it:

Type: safe://snake.hogwarts/

Easiest and laziest tutorial ever, and that’s fine. The next internet must be super easy to get in and used to!

What sites did you discover?

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