How to Save 30% off Amazon with SmartCoins


Purse posted a great video on how to get huge discounts at Amazon via their service and with Bitcoin. Of course this is easily convertible to SmartCoins like BitShares, Ethereum or NXT.


1. Sign-Up at Coinbase (Click Here)
2. Sign-Up at Purse.io using your Coinbase account
To charge our Purse (Coinbase) Wallet, we’re going to convert the altcoin of choice via an instant exchange to Bitcoin.
1. Grab your Coinbase Bitcoin Address
Click “My Wallet” > “Wallet Address” and copy Bitcoin Address.
Click to Enlarge
2. Go to Metaexchange.info or Shapeshift.io to Convert your Altcoin to your Coinbase Bitcoin Address
You start with selecting the Atlcoin of your choice for deposit.
Then you select Bitcoin as receiving Currency and paste your Coinbase Address and hit start.
Follow the instructions.
Now you’ve charged your Purse (Coinbase) Wallet with Bitcoin and you’re ready to follow the Step-by-Step instructions in the Video!