How To: Setup Ethmail – a decentralized, Ethereum Based E-Mail Alternative

Welcome to Ethmail.tech! 


In order to use Ethmail, you must associate a PGP Key to your Ethereum Address:

  1. Set a password and click “Generate”
    Note: Key creation can take up to 5 minutes, so just wait until something happens
  2. Download your Private Key
  3. Click “Register”

After you clicked “Register”, a Metamask window will pop up, asking you if you want to bind you PGP Key to your Ethereum Address (necessary)

You are now able to login using your Private Key.

That’s it, have fun composing and reading Ethmails!

If you want to test it, here’s my adr: 0x00A1B27aBA96C12a8e7198a94b83C8A396d90158

  • fav

    already received some mails, working pretty good so far!