How to start in Crypto Marketing – No Money Needed

I wish there were some of today’s services available when I started in crypto, would’ve save me lots of money in trial and error… 

Anyways, so you want to start getting referrals for the Faucet you use, or any other low-value-easy-to-access-program?

Let’s start with the basics

Choosing the right Program

Freebitcoin is a great Faucet, right? Right. Let’s promote it?


Reason is very simple, everyone in the faucet-niche knows Freebitcoin, and many are promoting it. It’s a waste of time.

Choose a lesser frequented faucet or similiar sites.

For this guide, I started to promote 4bc, a small traffic exchange with Bitcoin and Ethereum payouts per referral.

Current Stats – Total Referrals : 16

Promote for free (no money)

If you got no money, but time, the following tips are for you.

Promote your Program in your Forum Signature

Stats of the link I use on Bitcointalk – this is free, very targeted traffic

Traffic Exchanges

First of all, I use my 4bc’s Free Traffic to promote this site. You want to create a circle where you get as much free traffic as possible by cross-promoting traffic exchanges.


The beaty of ViralADB is not only does it drive lots of traffic to your Program, but people who sign-up under you promote your program as well, up to 6 levels deep.

On top, you can earn some Bitcoin if your referrals upgrade to Pro Accounts.

My earnings: 0.0125 BTC and lots of traffic

There are many other traffic exchanges and most likely better offers, eager to hear about your first steps in crypto marketing 🙂

For me, concentrating on 1-2 programs worked best for this guide, since my time for playing around is very limited.

Advertise for Bitcoin

I use Bitmedia for several targeted campaigns, and they never let me down.
Really like the GEO IP Filter, very easy to setup.


If you’re looking for great services to market, check My Top Tier Crypto Affiliate Programs


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