How To Trade Ethereum Based MKR and DGD

MakerDAO and DigixDAO are both very interesting Ethereum Projects. And you can already trade them on the DEX. Learn How 

How to Buy & Sell MKR or DGD:

  1. Open an Account Click Here (Tutorial for Newbies)
  2. Deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum by Clicking > Deposit/Withdraw [CCEDK] – Click Here


3. After you deposited Bitcoin or Ethereum head over to the markets

4. Buy 🙂


Note: you can withdraw MKR to Ethereum

  1. Visit Blocktrades.us
  2. Select BitShares Maker -> Ethereum Maker


  1. Use “Withdraw” in deposit/withdraw Tab (Click Here
  2. Follow the instructions from Blocktrades

Note: DigixDAO is not deployed until 28th of April, you have to hold the tokens in the DEX until then.

Let me know in the comment section below if you’re missing a step or need help!

Featured image: Pixabay

  • Joshua Pritikin

    I tried to deposit some ETH to openledger via CCEDK. However, the ETH that I sent did not show up. My openledger balance is still zero. How long is it suppose to take?

  • Bitchaos

    Send CCEDK an email with your openledger “name” and explain the situation. They will check your account and correct any mistake.