Promo – $5 for Free from Uphold

Uphold (former Bitreserve) enrolled me to their Refer-A-Friend Program recently.

Learn how to receive $5 for a free Sign-Up

This promo has ended! There will be a new one soon

Q: Do they pay?
A: yes, 12 real, verified, and non cheating people received the $5 bonus in January!



  1. Sign-Up HERE
  2. KYC – Verify Account by uploading your ID Card (Click Here)
  3. “Refer-A-Friend Payouts are every Friday” – Uphold
  4. ???
  5. $5 Profit!


About Uphold:

Join the world’s fastest growing platform for moving, converting, transacting and holding any form of money or commodity. Instantly, securely and for free.You can move, exchange and transfer ANY currency for free.Example: exchange Bitcoin to Gold seamlessly in seconds. Transfer to other Uphold members FOR FREE in seconds! Any currency!

More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uphold

I use them personally to buy Bitcoin and exchange some of my Bitcoin savings to USD (stable value)



  • Sign up (free) [CLICK HERE]
  • Become a verified member (also free)

Make sure to use my Promo Link for the Bonus!

The $5 rewards will be sent each Friday.

  • Michael Mengo

    How do i get the free $5? I signed up and verified my account

    • fav

      If you’re verified just wait like 7 days. if you don’t get anything, open a support ticket tell them you signed up under fav and you’re waiting for your refer-a-friend bonus (worked for a friend).

      they’re handling it manually as it’s in beta, so it can take some time

  • Nur

    How get link refferal , i register under you,? Thanks

    • fav

      No idea 🙂 their program is still in beta and you don’t see who registered

  • Nur

    how do you get a link for registering member?
    whether just replacing the username behind the link ?
    you link: https : //uphold.com/signup ? utm_campaign = refprog & utm_medium = fav

    • fav

      Yes, but it’s invite only as far as I know

  • Nur

    if you ‘ve got a sign up bonus of this program ?

    • fav

      what do you mean?

  • nur achmad muarif

    I ask, if you’ve got the bonus of this referral program?

    • fav

      A close friend signed up and verified. He received the reward after 2-3 weeks. I can confirm that it’s working