Release – LimeWallet Mobile Wallet


LimeWallet Beta 1 was released earlier today, supporting iOS and Android devices…


  • Private keys on client side
  • Full wallet recovery from a seed. (This include in/out memos)
  • Deposit / Withdraw in Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin payments
  • Handling of Bitcoin urls (android intent)
  • Password locking
  • Local addressboook
  • Send to name, pubkey or address with memo (all from client side)
  • Paper wallet balance import
  • Crypto operations using “standard” libraries (bitcoinj, CoreBitcoin)
  • Android & iOS version
  • Liquidity BitAsset<=>BTC

Our backend is agregating the liquidity from:

  • Yunbi
  • Metaexchange (just BTA=>BTC)
  • BitShares Exchange (*1)
  • btc38 (*2)
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