Roll the Dice Like you never did before

Etherdice, the first provably fair and escrowed Dice rolling on the Ethereum Blockchain just announced a huge usability upgrade! Follow me on my journey to lose or win some ETH 


  • Provably Fair – Enforced via SmartContract
  • Bets / Deposits – protected via SmartContract

I WIN! 🙂 [Click to Enlarge]

If you want to give it a roll, grab the latest Mist Browser Edition and visit etherdice.io via Mist Browser.

Image: Pixabay


ETH: 0x66ee0925a98C4050e75cc1d7997a1dA8E718cB4F - BTS: fav - BTC: 1J1DHVGgrdTneyC5XQu6VtNuc8LcHAfsND

  • Cool, I made 2.94 out of 1.5 😀

    • fav


      remember: it’s still gambling and you can always lose everything