This Blockchain fixed a critical Bug WITHOUT her Developers

The BitShares 2.0 Blockchain is up for another historical event… 

BitShares Shareholders can – and should – vote for Committee Members.
The so voted Government has the power to tweak certain values on Chain – for example they can vote to change Transaction Fees.

However, BTS-RFC 1.10.66 popped up on GitHub.
And this is a historical event for a Blockchain – a critical flaw was identified and fixed without intervention of the Developers.

1.10.66 describes a potential spam attack which was revealed by the current BitShares Government.

It was brought to the attention of the Committee that there was a potential attack vector in the fee structure relating to kb charges for transactions. Members of the committee recognized that with very little BTS it would have been possible to fill the blockchain with a large amount of data. Fees per kb were 0.00002 BTS. This would mean it would only take 200BTS to upload as much as 1GB of data.

A proposal to fix this was setup on the BitShares Blockchain, and approved via majority vote by the Committee.

BTS-RFC 1.10.66

Source: Cryptofresh, GitHub