Time for some InterPlanetary Etheral Magic

What can you do with an Ethereum ID Service and IPFS? 

etherid ipfs

I am browsing my IPFS website by calling the linked IPFS hash via my EtherID… make sense?

Let me break it down.

How to do this:

  1. Get Mist Browser Edition
  2. Browse to EtherID.org and register an ID with the Ethereum Blockchain
  3. Get IPFS Up (Windows Instructions)
  4. Upload your html file to IPFS (Windows – CMD Prompt: ipfs add file.html)
  5. Copy & Paste the Hash (the big string you see after uploading to IPFS eg. Qmats5wPGJKnaMTjfVVfASv8YK2un5YbvGp1Yxhtmp8sBT)
  6. Head back to your EtherID
  7. Click “Add New ID”
  8. ID: ipfs – ID Value: paste the hash

Now you can call your HTML by entering http//etherid.org/ipfs?yourid (explained in detail on GitHub)

Note: Both GETH (Ethereum Node) AND IPFS must be running.

Got any questions or feedback? Let me know in the comment section below!