Uphold.com to add Ethereum

Good news for Ethereum! 

Cloud money provider Uphold.com announced today that they’re going to implement Ethereum in May.

Means that we will be able to buy Ethereum not only for FIAT but for Bitcoin, Gold and Silver instantly for little to no fees.

Today, we are excited to announce in an effort to bring our members every conceivable form of currency, we are on track to launch Litecoin and Ethereum in April and May 2016, respectively.

What’s next for Uphold?

In my opinion, they should start implementing Blockchain based Currencies like
DGX Gold Tokens to replace their centralized (+fee heavy) Gold IOU.

Other currencies like USD or EUR could be replaced by BitShares BitUSD/EUR.

Uphold is in a great position to change the future of digital cloud money from a centralized untransparent market to a Blockchain based power-house.

Ethereum is the first step and I really welcome the movement!

What’s your opinion on cloud money?

Image: Pixabay