VIP BitShares Investment Projects

Lucrative BitShares investment schemes are popping up left and right, here are the three most interesting and trustworthy in my opinion


Metaexchange is the instant BitShares, NXT and Ethereum exchange, no account needed.

They’re offering to share their fees via their Asset METAFEES.
Each month, Metaexchange will buy back the Asset at market value for 50% of their generated Fees in the period.


You buy 1 METAFEE for 10 BitShares. Now you decide to sell 1 METAFEE for 100 BitShares, and if your sell offer is the cheapest on buyback-day, Metaexchange must buy your 1 METAFEE for 100 BitShares.

Learn More about METAFEES



OBITS is the Asset bound to Openledger and CCEDK’s products. Similar to Metaexchange, they will buy back their Asset every month in the amount of generated Fees. (See METAFEE example)

Buyback is the first of every month, and the bought-back Tokens will be burned (permanently deleted) on the 2nd day of the month.

Check out Obits.io for more information

Click Here to get Bonus OBITS for every Purchase!



ShareBits is the Asset issued by several known entities in the BitShares verse.
It’s BitShares’ very own social media/life Tipping System.

For more read the official Announcement on the forums, it’s worth the read!

Note: I invested in METAFEES and OBITS, and will most likely invest in ShareBits too.

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